South Dakota’s 2014 Spring Turkey Season Proposed


The South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks Commission has proposed several rule changes for the 2014 spring prairie turkey season.

Proposed rule changes for the prairie turkey season include:

  • Convert license types in 10 units from 2-tag “any turkey” licenses to 2-tag “male turkey” licenses; convert license type in 8 units from 2-tag “any turkey” licenses to 1-tag “male turkey” licenses; and adjust the number of licenses in 5 units. Overall, these changes and adjustments result in 186 fewer licenses and 2,976 fewer tags for resident hunters. For nonresident hunters these changes result in 15 fewer licenses and 207 fewer tags.
  • Establish a new prairie turkey unit in Stanley County which would include the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Land and the Oahe Downstream Recreation Area from April 5-30. The licenses (4 resident and 1 nonresident) would be limited to people who use a wheelchair for mobility.
  • Add the proposed new unit for Stanley County as an area where from Oct. 1-April 30, inclusive, uncased firearms and bows are authorized for licensed hunters during an established hunting season.
  • Update the new state park name in rule from Blood Run Nature Area to Good Earth State Park.

Season dates for the firearms prairie turkey season will be April 12-May 18. The spring archery turkey season will run from April 5-May 18.

No changes were made to either the Black Hills spring turkey season or the Custer State Park spring turkey season. Both of these seasons will run from April 12-May 18.

These proposed rule changes will be finalized at the Dec. 5 GFP Commission meeting, which will be held in Huron at the Plains Motel. To view the full proposals on those seasons, visit: and look under the “Rule Proposals” heading.

To comment on any of the proposals, send a letter to South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks Commission, 523 E. Capitol Ave., Pierre, SD 57501; or email [email protected] . Comments on proposals will be taken until 5 p.m. CST on Dec. 4. To be included in the public record, please include your full name and city of residence.

For those who would like to comment in person on these proposed rule changes, the GFP Commission will host a public hearing beginning at 2 p.m. CST as part of their meeting.

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