Springfield-based Swab-Its Sponsors Smith & Wesson IDPA Back Up Gun Nationals


Super Brush, makers of Swab-its brand firearms cleaning swabs for every job, announced that they are sponsoring the Smith & Wesson IDPA Back Up Gun Nationals.

The Smith & Wesson IDPA Back Up Gun Nationals is taking place now in Springfield, Mass., at the Smith & Wesson Shooting Sports Center.

“As another Springfield-based manufacturer, we’re very pleased to support Smith & Wesson and their ongoing efforts to expand the shooting sports. We welcome the staff and competitors to Springfield and wish them the best of luck at the inaugural Back Up Gun National Championship,” said Cathy Desorcy, product manager for Swab-its.

As part or their sponsorship, Swab-its has donated packs of their popular Bore-Tips and Gun-Tips firearms cleaning swabs to be distributed at the match.

Designed to be lint-free and reusable, foam Bore-tips from Swab-its provide the ultimate in barrel bore cleaning with their tight bore-fitting 360-degree cleaning surface, delivering improved barrel cleaning and maximum lubrication. Bore-tips are available from a variety of distributors and come in .357cal/9mm, .22cal, .243cal, or .30cal (six-piece packs), in .40cal or .45cal (five-piece packs) and the recently introduced 12ga and 20ga (three-piece packs).

Gun-tips from Swab-its are lint-free, reusable foam swabs that offer gun owners superior firearms detailing versatility. Used in conjunction with Bore-tips as part of a regular firearms cleaning and lubricating regimen, the Gun-tips swab kits give hunters, sportsmen, and gunsmiths the ability to protect and preserve their firearms like never before. Gun-tips come in a variety of shapes, sizes and lengths to ensure cleaning and lubricating of all parts of the firearm, while leaving no residue of lint commonly found in other cleaning devices.

With Swab-its, you Clean It Like You Mean It.

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