Get Your Pre-season Questions Answered by Wisconsin’s DNR Live This Week


Tuesday, Nov. 19, Noon: Be ready – Gearing up for the season
Learn what DNR staff and other hunters preparing for the season are seeing in the field now, and what you can expect for the 2013 season.

Wednesday, Nov. 20, Noon: Be knowledgeable – Know where to go
Wisconsin has a wealth of hunting lands accessible to the public. Join our discussion and get answers to your questions about accessing these hunting lands, including state parks, and using DNR’s open lands mapping tools.

Thursday, Nov. 21, Noon: Be safe – Important reminders on safety and regulations
Get safety questions answered and get up to speed on any regulation changes before heading to the field.

To participate, visit and look for the box on the right to enter the chat, or search the phrase “ask the experts.” You can also join the conversation on DNR’s Facebook page, by clicking the “Cover it Live Chat” box on the top of the page. If you can’t make the chats, come back to “ask the experts” when you can to read the transcripts. Chances are someone else asked a question you would’ve asked.

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