Remington Arms Company, the leading U.S. firearms and ammunitions manufacturer announced its partnership with the Special Forces Charitable Trust (SFCT) as its primary military charity. SFCT is a nonprofit dedicated to providing support and services to the Special Forces community and their families.

Remington launched its SFCT partnership with a $100,000 gift as the Presenting Sponsor at the annual Green Beret Family Awards Dinner on October 16, 2013 in Washington, DC. The proceeds of the dinner fund scholarship programs, family emergency assistance, and veterans’ support. Further, as a part of this partnership, Remington will provide products and resources for SFCT programs and fundraising events.

Remington has a long military history, having produced firearms for the United States Armed Forces since the mid-nineteenth century and is a proud leader in employing our nation’s veterans. “Supporting veterans and the military has been and remains a Remington priority. Finding a military charity that shared our values and could benefit from our financial assistance and resources was important,” said George Kollitides, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Remington. “Through this partnership, we can make a meaningful difference for our special forces warriors, just as they have for our country.”

For the last 12 years, the Special Forces and their families have experienced an unprecedented rate of deployment, with no signs of slowing; this pace takes a serious toll on the soldiers and their families.  SFCT has provided 25 spouse and dependent scholarships, command and resiliency programs affecting over 500 families and family emergency funds and funeral assistance for over 16 families.  Further, SFCT has assisted retired Special Forces soldiers to navigate the VA system and find work.

“We are honored that Remington has selected the SFCT as its primary military charity and are enormously grateful for their substantial financial commitment to support the Green Berets who are always the first in and the last to leave,” said David T. Guernsey, Jr., Executive Director of the Special Forces Charitable Trust. “With Remington by our side, we look forward to making today a better day than yesterday for the Green Beret community filling some of the gaps that are not funded by our government.”

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One thought on “Remington Partners with Special Forces Charitable Trust to Support Military Personnel and Families

  1. It’s unfortunate Remington chose to only help one segment of the special forces community and then then just one segment within the Army. How about Army rangers? I think they use Remington firearms. I know for a fact the Navy SEALS use Remington firearms. I know The USMC uses Remingtons and Air Force Para Jumpers use Remingtons. I’m happy Remington is helping one segment of the armed forces out…..I just wish they had considered helping a broader group. Also as a footnote……usually SEAL’s are in first, you just don’t hear too much about their activities unless the media gets a hold of it. 🙂

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