Shooting Illustrated Goes High-Tech for December Issue


Shooters have come to expect new pistols built on polymer frames, but a carbine? The December issue of Shooting Illustrated, on newsstands now, takes an in-depth look at both. Leading the coverage of the latest developments in self-defense firearms are the Beretta ARX100 and the FNH USA FNX-45, both of which rely heavily on high-tech polymer in their construction.

The highly anticipated version of the Italian army’s ARX160, the new ARX100 features a constant-contact piston system, a tool-free quick-change barrel system and the ability to switch ejection from right to left by simply pushing a button. It’s no wonder  U.S. consumers are intrigued beyond the ARX100’s futuristic-looking polymer exterior.

“One look at the ARX100, and there’s no question the rifle is the product of the 21st century,” writes author Gary Paul Johnston. Cosmetics and its combat-proven lineage aside, see if the rifle, described by its manufacturer as being 10 times better than the M16, lives up to that claim.

Originally developed for the U.S. Joint Combat Pistol Program, the FNH USA FNX-45 is also well-equipped for home-defense duty. The rugged, full-size pistol boasts a versatile, hammer-fired, DA/SA configuration and ambidextrous fire controls. Its textured polymer frame packs 15+1 rounds of .45 ACP. Handgun Editor Dick Williams details the features of FNH USA’s latest pistol and then gives it a thorough evaluation on the range.

New ammunition products can be as hot as new guns, and the .300 AAC Blackout is a prime example. But is the cartridge worthy of the hype? Ammo Editor Richard Mann tests the accuracy and terminal performance of 11 supersonic and subsonic loads to find out.

Of course, finding .300 AAC Blackout or almost any other type of ammo is a real concern these days. John Haviland offers a solution by showing how a progressive reloading press can keep hungry firearms well fed with quality rounds. His tips will save you time, money and empty-shelf frustration.

Look for these articles and more in the December issue of Shooting Illustrated, The Definitive Source for the Modern Shooter, at a newsstand near you. You can also subscribe by calling (877) 223-3840.

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