Revolver King Jerry Miculek Tops Field at S&W IDPA Back Up Gun Nationals


Going into the inaugural Smith & Wesson IDPA Back Up Gun Nationals one question sat on everyone’s mind: could a revolver shooter – namely Jerry Miculek – beat everybody? That question was definitively answered Saturday evening when Team Smith & Wesson’s great revolver shooter won the Revolver division title with the fastest overall time in the competition.

Miculek’s final time of 166.50 seconds (with 43 points down) outpaced the Pistol division champion, Mike Seeklander, by 3.69 seconds. Miculek won all but one of the 13 stages in the division, and topped the entire field on six stages. In addition to winning the Revolver title, Miculek won High Industry honors in the division and was the high overall senior.

“Jerry is simply amazing to watch, often taking more time to retrieve his revolver from its start position on a stage than putting the required five rounds on target. His incredible performance, not to mention four of the top 10 times coming from wheelgunners, demonstrates that in defensive applications, the revolver can go toe-to-toe with a pistol,” said Joyce Wilson, executive director of IDPA.

Finishing second behind Miculek was Kirk Crego whose 198.93 seconds with 40 points down put him fifth overall in the match. Team Smith & Wesson’s other top wheelgunner, Josh Lentz, took third in the division, and sixth overall, with 202.84 (59). Joe Linskey, shooting for Wolff Gunsprings/TDS, placed fourth in the division and 10th overall with 209.42 (33). Rounding out the top five was Simon Golob who finished first Master with 231.68 (76).

Elsewhere in the division, Kristofer Sines took first Expert with 249.49 (70). Michael French claimed first Sharpshooter with 254.91 (60), while Chad McLean went home with first Marksman with 274.42 (57). Paul Chamberlain, competing as a Sharpshooter, claimed High Distinguished Senior honors with 311.27 (119), and Christian Sauer won first Novice with 384.98 (136).

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