Millennium Presents the M100 HangOn Treestand


The Millennium M100 HangOn treestand has goLITE all-aluminum construction that keeps the stand’s weight at only 14 lbs. This lightweight aluminum construction allows for easy carrying, while still boasting a 300 lb. weight capacity.

Enjoy all-day sits when using the M100 HangOn treestand with the exclusive ComfortMAX seat. The tight sling ComfortMAX seat is contoured for maximum comfort and superior support. Plus, the seat’s back support prevents unwanted noise caused when clothing rubs against tree bark.

With a 20- x 38-inch platform and the 20- x 17-inch ComfortMAX seat, the Millennium M100 HangOn allows the hunter to kick back and relax. When it comes time to take a shot, the ComfortMAX seat can be folded up against the tree to allow standing shots.

M100 Hang-On Treestand with CamLOCK receiver
M100 Hang-On Treestand with CamLOCK receiver

The M100 HangOn uses a special CamLOCK receiver that can be secured to any tree of choice prior to the hunt. With multiple CamLOCK receivers, the stand can be transported from tree to tree. The M100 Hang-on attaches to the CamLOCK receiver quickly and quietly.

An olive green, powder-coat finish is applied to the M100 HangOn to increase protection against wear and tear. The Millennium M100 HangOn is also available in a Realtree APG version (M100R).

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