Tink’s Predator Attractant Products Offers New Lure Options


Tink’s line of predator scent products offers a variety of lure options that have the power to fool the smartest predators in a variety of situations.

Lure finicky predators in range with a wide variety of attractants from Tink’s. Choose from Tink’s Coyote Mist Predator Lure, Tink’s Predator Smokin’ Sticks, The Trickster Rabbit Mist / Screamin’ Cottontail Call Combo, or the latest Hot Shot Predator Mist.

Tink’s Coyote Mist Predator Lure is made of the best grade of natural coyote urine, which helps lure in shy coyotes. Available in a 4 oz. bottle with a spray top, this formula disperses in a mist form that allows the scent to drift downwind and stick to vegetation.

Made of 100% synthetic material, Tink’s Predator Smokin’ Sticks are designed to smell like the desired food source for coyotes and bobcats. These handy sticks burn for 15 to 20 minutes, and the smoke carries downwind and clings to everything it contacts.

The Trickster Rabbit Mist / Screamin’ Cottontail Call Combo pack contains a 4 oz. bottle of Tink’s Rabbit Mist rabbit urine and the Screamin’ Cottontail Call from Quaker Boy. The Rabbit Mist bottle comes with a spray top, so the scent dispersal is effective and convenient. This deadly duo makes a predator think there is an easy meal waiting for it.

New for 2013, Tink’s Hot Shot Predator Mist Rabbit Urine uses the highest quality of natural rabbit urine in the convenience of a can. The Hot Shot system allows the entire product to be dispersed by utilizing an internal bag that separates the lure from the pressurizing agent. This system allows for 100% pure lure to be dispersed without any contamination. Rabbits are the preferred food source of many predators, so utilize the power of the Hot Shot Predator Mist to bring them in range.

For more information on Tink’s predator products or other attractants from Tink’s, please visit www.Tinks.com.

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