Weaver Offers Advanced Turkey-Hunting Optics


Weaver offers two new optic options that are perfectly suited for turkey hunting. A new 1-4x24mm scope features a unique reticle designed to help hunters place precise shots on turkeys, and the Micro Dot Sight is a versatile option that makes great sense for a variety of firearms. These products are available now in preparation for the 2014 spring season.

Revolutionary Turkey Reticle

Weaver’s new KASPA 1-4x24mm Turkey Scope features the revolutionary Vertical Zone Turkey (VZT) Reticle. The VZT reticle’s straight-sided, slot shape is designed to naturally aim the center crosshair to the middle of a turkey’s kill zone. The two oval slots are designed to provide references for 20 and 40 yards. At close range, the top of the turkey’s head and base of its neck will fit inside the larger outer slot. At longer distances, the top of the turkey’s head and base of its neck will fit inside the smaller, inner slot. In either case, the center crosshair will sit on the center of the neck for precise shot placement.

The robust 30mm tube contains fully multi-coated lenses for amazing clarity and light transmission in the turkey woods. Tough-as-nails scope caps are also included.

Tiny but Powerful

Weaver’s other new option for turkey hunters is the Micro Dot Sight. It offers unlimited eye relief and a precise aiming point for contorted, fast-action shots turkey hunters regularly face. The red-dot sight mounts low for perfect eye alignment and features adjustable brightness settings for changing light levels. It weighs just 2.8 ounces and easily mounts on shotguns, rifles, pistols and crossbows.

Part No. / Description / MSRP

849848 KASPA 1-4×24 VZT Reticle; Mossy Oak Camo $259.99
849255 Micro Dot Sight $108.45

To view the full product line from Weaver Optics, go to www.weaveroptics.com.

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