Know Where to Hunt with the PlotWatcher Pro


Being in the right place at the right time is crucial to any hunt. But, timing may not be near as important as location, and sometimes picking the right location to set up for a hunt can be a guessing game. Day 6 Outdoors doesn’t believe in guessing where to hunt. That’s why it created the PlotWatcher Pro time-lapse video camera.

The PlotWatcher Pro has the fastest time-lapse technology available. It can record images every second, and out in the field, watching game activity every second is vital to gain more knowledge. Put up a PlotWatcher Pro, or several, on your hunting land and let it tell you where all the activity is. It won’t miss a second of movement.

This powerful time-lapse video camera also has 20 times more battery life than other time-lapse cameras, meaning it can take more images – up to 1 million – over a longer period of time – up to four months on one set of batteries. Don’t worry about disturbing your prey’s habits every few days in order to retrieve the footage. Leave it out for months, and retrieve it all at once.

Thanks to the  integrated TruVideo technology, the PlotWatcher Pro records all those images as video files, so all of your images are in an easy-to-view format. Fast forward or rewind to certain times of activity with the included GameFinder software and see exactly where you need to put your treestand for the most action.

David Blanton of Realtree uses the PlotWatcher Pro to plan productive hunts. “I use the PlotWatcher Pro because it allows me to watch how game moves in and out of the areas I want to hunt so I can determine productive stand locations without disturbing the area,” he says. “Unlike the other time-lapse cameras, it is easy to set up and retrieve video. Simply put, if you want to get the drop on a mature buck, you’ll want a PlotWatcher Pro!”

Let the PlotWatcher Pro help you decide where to put your treestand or blind this season. Set out a PlotWatcher Pro, or several, for your next hunt, and take the guessing game out of finding that perfect location.

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