This Week on The Revolution – DIY Taxidermy and Big Game Hunting


On this week’s  broadcast of The Revolution with Jim and Trav: DIY taxidermy, tips for preserving meat in the field, analyzing national buck harvest rates and how to tell if you’ve made a bad shot!  And we’ll hear from Mrs. Bunny, the married hunting duo Lance and Carla Schartz, Extreme huntress contestant Amanda Lowery and Bryant Brothers Taxidermy!

DIY Taxidermy  – Bryant Brothers Taxidermy –

We don’t all harvest a new world record every year, but that doesn’t mean that those animals that aren’t taxidermy worthy should be packed away.  European mounts are a great way to display your harvest with little expense.  Bryant Brothers Taxidermy talks about  how to go about doing DIY European mounts. Tune in for more!

Trophy Kansas Bucks  – Hunting Duo Lance & Carla Schartz –

Lance and Carla Schartz are deer hunting fanatics and Revolution contributors.  Carla is a 2012 winner in the Kansas Monster Buck Classic with a proven history of harvesting trophy bucks. This week Lance and Carla talk about each of their recent Kansas archery harvests as well as what drives their passion for archery hunting together.

Shot Placement  – and more with Jim & Trav –

Shot placement is everything when you are ready to harvest an animal.  Jim and Trav talk about the best shot placement and after the shot how to tell if you made a good or bad shot based on animal reaction. They’ll also talk about how to preserve the meat from the animal you harvest.

Extreme Huntress  – Amanda Lowrey –

It is down to the final four in the  Extreme Huntress Competition, a hunting contest for outdoors women. Finalist Amanda Lowrey talks with Jim and Trav about the outdoor skills she has that have brought her to this point in the competition and also about her experiences in the Extreme Huntress Competition.

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