Gifts that Give to Geogia Sportsman and Wildlife: Lifetime License, Annual GORP


Santa should take note.

This holiday season, the Georgia Wildlife Resources Division is offering gifts that will please hunters, anglers and other wildlife enthusiasts, while also benefiting the wildlife and wild places they enjoy.

Before heading to the stores, go online to to learn more about:

Lifetime Licenses

With a lifetime license, the Georgia resident hunter or angler on your gift list will not need to pay for another state hunting or fishing license. Ever! From hunting trophy whitetails to casting for lunker largemouths, their cherished recreation in Georgia is covered.

Prices are set by age group:

  • The best bargain is for children: $200 for under 2 years old and $350 for kids age 2 to 15. That’s a potential savings of more than $2,600 over a lifetime.
  • The price for ages 16 to 59 is $500.
  • Discount lifetime licenses for resident adults age 60 to 64 are $95.
  • Residents 65 and older can receive a free lifetime license, with an option to pay a one-time fee of $10 for a durable, commemorative plastic card.

Applications and document details are at

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