Winner’s Choice Customizes Bow String Ordering Process


Winner’s Choice Bowstrings, LLC. announces the launch of the company’s new website and online interactive string builder. Now, archers and bowhunters will be able to customize their string and cables by selecting the material, the string and cable colors as well as the serving color all in one place. The buyers can then see their combinations in real time and select their brand and model of bow to make their purchase within a matter of minutes.

“The new string builder function on our website will be an incredible tool for archers to choose their materials and colors with a simple click of the mouse,” commented Eric Griggs, Vice President for Winner’s Choice Bowstrings. “With our industry leading 2-3 day custom string order turnaround, you can have top of the line strings in just a matter of days.”

Winner’s Choice Bowstrings, LLC. is also expanding operations and has recently opened a new facility in Clay City, Kentucky. The new facility will help with the increased product demand as well as reduce time in transit for customers on the Eastern side of the country.

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