The need for adequate survival skills and know-how is on the rise around the world. Families and individuals looking to equip themselves with the knowledge and skills to outlast any emergency situation can now reference survival expert John McCann’s Build the Perfect Survival Kit 2nd Edition to design and build custom survival kits and bug out bags for their specific needs.

According to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, survival awareness is at an all-time high as individuals take note of disasters happening around the world. The need to prepare is real. Build the Perfect Survival Kit 2nd Edition is an essential tool for understanding this need and planning a kit that will serve the user and allow them to thrive in a time of panic. McCann’s fully-revised and expanded second edition helps readers to identify their specific requirements for a survival kit, including the appropriate kit size, essential new items to include in kits and tips on working within any budget. New chapters include Every Day Carry, Get Home Kits and Bug Out Bags, including information on how to modify gear.

McCann, founder of a website offering customized survival kits and skills courses, employs his vast knowledge to guide readers through the kit planning process. Readers can reference more than 250 photos to choose appropriate components for the specific size and function of their family or personal kits. Build the Perfect Survival Kit 2nd Edition encourages readers to consider including a number of items that can mean the difference between disaster and survival, including fire and light sources, signaling equipment, water and food, knives and tools, first aid items and much, much more. Sample packing lists for various kit sizes and functions further ease the process of building a functional survival kit.

Take the first step in preparedness planning by picking up John McCann’s Build the Perfect Survival Kit 2nd Edition, available in stores and online this January.

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