Living Ready Pocket Manual: First Aid Imparts Important Medical Emergency Knowledge in Compact Book


Disasters dominate local, regional, national and international news stations these days, effectively heightening public awareness of the need to prepare for potential emergency situations. Dr. James Hubbard’s Living Ready Pocket Manual: First Aid is a complete guide to preparing for common medical disasters that aims to educate readers to react in ways that can save their life or the lives of others.

Written by a medical doctor with disaster and survival experience, this quick reference first aid book is essential for any hiking backpack, vehicle kit, bug out bag or first aid kit. Living Ready Pocket Manual: First Aid will help readers equip themselves with the basic first aid skills and knowledge that could mean the difference between life and death in a survival situation. The book avoids apocalyptic scenarios, opting instead to focus on common health threats and injuries faced during outdoor activities such as backpacking and hunting and in the wake of a natural disaster. Topics include dehydration, exposure, foot injuries, fractures and sprains, and flesh wounds.

After opening with a briefing on changing one’s approach to a medical emergency and learning to think like a first responder, Dr. Hubbard shares his suggestions for obtaining important medical supplies to create a practical, versatile first aid kit in the guide’s first chapter. Subsequent chapters include step-by-step instructions, quick tips and diagrams designed to get an injured person from the site of an emergency to safety as cautiously as possible. Dr. Hubbard’s pocket manual addresses resuscitation, hydration, skin wounds, hyperthermia and hypothermia, reactions, and bones and joints. It’s a one-stop shop for emergency medical attention, and the small size makes it a perfect, lightweight companion for any excursion, guaranteed to come in handy should unexpected disaster strike. Backpackers, families, hikers, preppers, individuals and survivalists will all find something to learn in Living Ready Pocket Manual: First Aid.

Take a step towards better preparedness by picking up Dr. James Hubbard’s Living Ready Pocket Manual: First Aid online at, Amazon and in bookstores everywhere on December 31.

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