Mississippi Waterfowl Habitat Improvements Continue at Tuscumbia WMA


The Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks resumed work in October 2013 to improve waterfowl habitat on Tuscumbia Wildlife Management Area (WMA).  This area has seven waterfowl impoundments that are managed annually to provide habitat for wintering waterfowl and other wetland-dependent wildlife.  Each year since 2010, new areas within designated impoundments have been cleared and managed to provide more food for waterfowl from natural and planted vegetation.  The same vegetation will also provide habitat for aquatic insects which waterfowl consume.  Increased food resources should attract more wetland birds and potentially improve body conditions for migrations back to their nesting grounds.

To date, approximately 20 acres of waterfowl habitat have been improved at Tuscumbia WMA.  Recent waterfowl habitat improvement projects on Tuscumbia WMA have been funded by state Waterfowl Stamp revenue.

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