This Week on The Revolution – Managing Wolf Populations


The issue of wolf reintroduction and the impact it’s having on big game species takes center stage as our panel of experts weigh in with their thoughts. Hear from David Allen the President and CEO of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Mark Johnson from the Minnesota Deer Hunter’s Association, Ron Aasheim with Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks and more!

Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation  – President & CEO, David Allen –

Front and center in the wolf debate are those who are concerned about the longevity and well being of big game animals like elk. David Allen the President and CEO of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation will be joining Jim and Trav this week to discuss the impacts that wolves are having on elk populations and the resistance they are facing from the pro-wolf lobby.
Minnesota Cuts Wolf Harvest  – Minnesota Deer Hunter’s Association –

The number of wolves that hunters can harvest in Minnesota this fall will be cut nearly in half, from 400 a year ago to 220 this year. And only 3,300 hunters and trappers will be given permits this year down from 6,000 last year. So what is responsible for the cutbacks? Mark Johnson from the Minnesota Deer Hunter’s Association stops by to talk about impact of these new limits.

Montana Wolf Quotas -Ron Aasheim-

Montana Fish and Wildlife commissioners increased the bag limit from one to five wolves per person and extended the state’s next hunting season. Ron Aasheim with the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks explains the reasoning behind the increase in wolf quotas and the impact wolves have on Montana as a whole.

Wolves vs Lion Hounds – Fewer Lion Hound Hunters –

Although there are no official statistics on lion hound and wolf encounters the number of reports on these situations are on the rise. With wolf numbers climbing, many lion hunters are opting not to take their dogs out fearing wolves will attack them. Will less pressure on lions means exploding predator populations?

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