Colt Competition Shooters take home top ranks at the 2013 USCA Championship


Colt Competition is proud to announce Craig Outzen and Travis Gibson’s wins at the UCSA Championship match held in New Smyrna Beach, FL. Both shooters are recent additions to the Colt Competition shooting team.

Travis Gibson joined the team early in 2012, and has consistently had outstanding rankings competing in over 30 National level matches running the Colt Competition CR PRO 18.

Gibson stated: “At the USCA Championships I ran Colt’s new Competition 14.5″ rifle in the Scoped Tactical division, taking 4th place. I also competed in the Heavy Optics division running my other Colt Competition Rifle, the CR PRO 16″ .308, I was thrilled to bring home 2nd place in such an outstanding 3Gun match. Both rifles were spot on! Colt Competition Rifles are rock solid in every way.”

Craig Outzen is the newest member to the shooting team for 2014. He has become one of the best multi-gun shooters in the nation qualifying for the Inaugural 3 Gun Nation Championship in 2010. By continuing to post strong finishes he has maintained his status as a 3 Gun Nation Pro Series competitor each successive year. Outzen is also a top contender in the 3 Gun Nation Divisional Series.

In the USCA Championship Outzen competed in the Military/ Law Enforcement division, finishing 3rd while using the all-new CSR1516 Sporting rifle by Colt Competition.

“Colt Competition Rifles are beyond amazing. I think it speaks very highly of the entire product line that I was able to take the entry level CSR out of the box, mount and zero an optic on it, and have it perform flawlessly at a great match like the US Carbine Nationals. These are serious rifles for the serious shooter” Craig stated.

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