Flambeau Outdoors Introduces the MAD Shady Baby Feeder


Available Spring 2014 -The feeding position is the most realistic and relaxed position a turkey ever assumes, so it was a no-brainer for MAD to add the MAD Shady Baby Feeder to the new Shady Baby Series. This one-piece vinyl decoy, with Flambeau’s detailed paint scheme, will make a great addition to any spread. Crafted by renowned sculptor Richard Smoker, there was no detail spared. Combine a gobbler decoy behind a couple of MAD Shady Baby Feeders for the ultimate realistic spread. Compact and lightweight, the MAD Shady Baby Feeder comes complete with a universal stake.

Over past two years, the MAD Shady Baby Series has been field tested by the MAD & Drury team and has been featured on King of the Spring® TV show. The Shady Baby Series includes the Shady Baby in upright position, breeder position, and feeder position. These decoys have passed the test. MAD. Be A MAD Man™.

Model MD-710; MSRP: $50.00.

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