Flambeau Outdoors Introduces the MAD Shooter’s Aid


Available Spring 2014 – As MAD continues to broaden their offerings, the MAD Shooter’s Aid is the perfect addition to any hunter’s cache of necessary hunting accessories. This item has proven invaluable to all shooters young and old alike. The MAD Shooter’s Aid is a 2-piece attachment that attaches to the buttstock of the firearm or crossbow. Part “A” secures to the top of the buttstock via the nylon straps provided (see image provided). Part “B” slides onto part “A” and clips into place. Part “B” is an extension of the buttstock that allows for hands-free support, holding the buttstock in the proper position for the perfect shot.

The MAD Shooter’s Aid allows hunters lacking upper body strength or hunters who must hold at-the-ready for extended periods of time to do so in comfort.

Sometimes game can take an eternity to make those last few crucial steps that offer the perfect shot. With the MAD Shooter’s Aid hunters can wait in comfort. Used in conjunction with the MAD Gunner Stix or the MAD Max Blind, one can hold the gun in place hands free while operating a call to coax the target animal those last few yards. MAD. Be A MAD Man.

Model MD-500; MSRP: $25.00.

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