Flambeau Outdoors Introduces the MAD Walking Tom


Available Spring 2014 – Inspired by well-known hunter Mark Drury, the MAD Walking Tom is the latest in the new MAD series of turkey decoys. Preceded by the MAD Shady Baby™ hen series, Mark recognized the need for a full-size adult gobbler in a relaxed, moving position. MAD asked renowned sculptor, Richard Smoker, to sculpt an 18 pound bird in a walking position. Mark’s concept is an effective one…that of a bird in motion rather than the head-up posture depicting danger or alertness. This relaxed, walking-position Tom, coupled with a few Shady Baby Feeders, completes one of the most realistic decoy spreads ever.

Made of a flexible, lightweight vinyl and painted with attention to detail, this decoy is also equipped with multiple stake holes and a universal stake. Also provided is a beard grommet to accept a real beard, an artificial beard, and wing grommets for real wings. This decoy will have the boss walking your way soon. MAD. Be A MAD Man.

Model MD-715; MSRP: $59.66.

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