Gift Ideas for the Kentucky Outdoor Enthusiast on Your Christmas List


The Kentucky Afield Outdoor Calendar is a unique gift for the angler, hunter, nature lover or any other outdoor enthusiast in your circle of friends and family. Subscribers to Kentucky Afield, the official magazine of the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources, deeply appreciate the hunting season dates, practical hunting and fishing tips and interesting notes about nature contained in the nationally award winning calendar that comes with their subscription.

This year, you may purchase the 2014 Kentucky Afield Outdoor Calendar individually for $7.50 from the Kentucky Fish and Wildlife website at You may also receive the 2015 calendar in December 2014 by subscribing to Kentucky Afield magazine for $10 per year or $18 for two years. You may subscribe online at or by calling Kentucky Fish and Wildlife at 1-800-858-1549.

A recipient of a Kentucky Fish and Wildlife gift certificate that functions similar to a gift card may purchase a Kentucky Afield Outdoor Calendar or a subscription to Kentucky Afield magazine for themselves. They may also purchase licenses and permits, Otter Creek Outdoor Recreation Area passes and summer camp registration fees with this gift certificate available online at

Kentucky Fish and Wildlife gift certificates are good for five years from the date of purchase.

Hats and shirts with the Kentucky Afield logo often worn by Tim Farmer on the “Kentucky Afield” television show make a great gift for the hunter or angler on your list. They may be purchased at the Kentucky Afield Mall at Women’s Kentucky Afield logo polo shirts are also available.

The worst thing in the world for an angler, especially for those who fish in winter, is getting wet under your clothes. Cheap rain gear is cheap for a reason: it doesn’t work when you need it most. Technological improvements in fabrics, breathability, light weight and warmth push rain gear light years ahead of the old, cold rubber rain gear of years past.

Quality rain gear is a gift that is always appreciated by the hunter, angler, kayaker or camper in your family.

Many folks can remember the old flashlights that held half a dozen D-cell batteries and weighed a ton. They seemed bright at the time, but with the introduction of battery saving LED bulbs for flashlights, you can get a much brighter light that fits in your shirt pocket. Many models resist rain, provide great amounts of light and last for months on one AA battery.

Few hunters, anglers, hikers, kayakers or bird watchers would be disappointed to have another bright flashlight to stow in a tackle box, pack, boat or glove box.

A roomy, comfortable fishing shirt is another gift that both men and women appreciate. Fishing shirts grant freedom of movement, making them great for golf as well as fishing. Most models are vented in the back to let heat escape with many pockets of varying size, perfect for hiking, bird watching and even gardening.

Fishing shirts may be the most comfortable shirt available for warm weather activities.

The old, waffle-weave style under garments of the 1970s did an OK job of keeping a late season deer hunter warm in the stand. After wearing the modern base layers made of polypropylene and other synthetic blends, the waffle-weave stuff will soon be in a box awaiting the next yard sale. The new base layer designs offer incredible warmth, feel like silk and have the weight of pantyhose.

They make an incredible gift for deer, turkey or waterfowl hunters, campers and anglers.

Try some of these gifts this Christmas and make the gift recipient smile with actual pleasure instead of a tight, forced smile that accompanies receiving another robe or tie.

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