Authors K.J. Houtman and Bill Miller teamed up to write their newest book, Reflections Under the Big Pine. Published by Fish On Marketing, the 208-page Christian devotional is now available paperback and e-book for Kindle.

Sometimes referred to as “the thin places,” Houtman and Miller highlight locations, moments, and events in which the veil between Earth and Heaven is most transparent. Reflections Under the Big Pine recounts more than 50 stories, each providing a cloudless glimpse of God’s divine plan. Inspired by the hoot of a Great Horned Owl, a foggy morning boat ride, a 10-pound walleye in the net, or the loyalty of a great dog, the stories offer respite in God’s creation and appreciation for loved ones with whom we share life’s journey.

“My wife’s favorite poet is Ralph Waldo Emerson, and he once wrote, ‘The happiest man is he who learns from nature the lesson of worship,’” said Bill Miller, outdoor writer, former editorial director of award-winning North American Hunter magazine, and host of numerous cable-TV hunting shows. “That verse encapsulates this book. We have taken stories of personal outdoor moments, many of them encountered while fishing or hunting, and circled each back to our journey in faith. I hope folks will simply enjoy the stories, and maybe be inspired by them.” Miller hosts the website entitled Under the Big Pine.

Laurie Lee Dovey, Executive Director of the Professional Outdoor Media Association (POMA), and an outdoor writer herself, previewed the book. “An exceptional collection of authentic stories that reflect directly on God’s relationship with nature lovers,” said Dovey. “They stirred my spirit. The prayers at the end of each story may become favorites for generations to come.”

Houtman mixed personal outdoor stories with interviewing kindred spirits. “I enjoyed talking with others and hearing about a memorable hunting or fishing trip. Many of those great stories are in the book,” said Houtman. “Treasured times give a glimpse of a loving God, and his plan of a ‘hope and a future’ for each of us.” K.J. Houtman is author of five children’s books and writes a weekly column for Outdoor Hub.

Houtman and Miller are not pastors nor theologians, but rather, two outdoor-minded folks who both can spin a tale. In doing so, they each showed a fallible side and a faith journey in progress. The book chronicles more than a dozen other outdoor men and women with an honest, personal and not-preachy tone. Rather, the questions within the stories give the reader an opportunity to ponder amidst the natural world God created.

Links to purchase are most easily found at or the shopping cart for Fish On Marketing’s website or simply search at Amazon, the world’s largest bookseller. The suggested retail is $19.95 for paperback and $7.99 as e-book.

Image courtesy K.J. Houtman

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