The 2014 Training Calendar is now open for registration at the Whittington U. Located in beautiful NE New Mexico situated on 33,000 acres of beautiful mountainous and high desert terrain; the Whittington U is the training division for the NRA Whittington Center. The Whittington U utilizes a University-style model, with two Academies carrying the bulk of the instructional line-up.

Defensive Academy

The Whittington U Defensive Academy offers the School of Practical Pistol with Practical Pistol I-III, and the School of Practical Carbine, levels I-II. 2014 will also unveil the School of Practical Shotgun and School of Practical Defense: the Whittington U’s school of unarmed defense. The Defensive Academy core values reflect the Defensive Lifestyle and the everyday implementation of the firearm tool. Level I Courses begin with a Consistent-Efficient-Safe interaction with the firearm, all the while stressing violence as the means of last resort.

Precision Academy

The Whittington U Precision Academy highlights the recreational-based, technically focused School of 1000 Yards and School of Extreme Long Range. Situated in the expansive Backcountry Training Area of the NRA Whittington Center, the Precision Academy will challenge every shooter, regardless of experience and rifle/cartridge combination. The Precision Academy features three separate Backcountry Ranges that progress with the students in the level I-III Courses, with a 2000 Yard Known Distance Range, and 2800 yard High Angle Range and 3650 Yard Unknown Distance Range. All the targets are reactive steel, ranging from 2-4 Minutes of Angle, depending on the distance engaged.

The Whittington U also offers the School of Certified Disciplines that emphasizes the NRA Instructor Courses, along with New Mexico Concealed Carry Certification courses.

The 2014 Whittington U Training Season begins in March and concludes in December 2014. The Whittington U is open to all shooters, regardless of gender, age or shooting experience. All Whittington U courses are progressive in nature, with each leading to the next – all designed to be relevant and challenging.

Visit the NRA Whittington Center website at: for more information or contact the Whittington U directly at or by calling 605-610-8598.

Logo courtesy Whittington U

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