HAWK is an exciting new brand being introduced in 2014.

HAWK is offering a full new line of hang-on treestands, climbing treestands, ladderstands, climbing sticks and treestand accessories.  HAWK is distributed by manufacturing veteran Innopower Inc.  Innopower Inc. has been producing high-quality treestands for over 20 years, establishing many industry standards along the way.

“With the launch of HAWK, we’ve combined a passion for hunting with over 50 years of cumulative experience pushing the limits on product design, testing, manufacturing and bringing better products to the field,” says HAWK President Scott Lee.  “It’s knowing after hours of scouting, prepping and shooting, you have the right gear to get the job done – demanding better.   Our end mission is making sure you’re equipped with the best.”

Check out HAWK’s complete new lineup of products and innovations at ATA 2014, booth 3055 or by visiting hawkhunting.com  and facebook.com/HAWK.

“HAWK’S focus from day one has been about creating superior quality and better functioning quality products that are still affordable for all the hard working hunters,” says HAWK Chief Engineer Rob Butcher.  “The phrase ‘HUNT FROM ABOVE’, not only to describes hunting from elevated heights, but also with the highest level performing gear.”

HAWK’S design team approaches product development and hunting like any other challenge in life – by being a student and refusing to stop learning to always a better way.  By looking at every product, product component, functioning element and analyzing it’s use in the field they challenge themselves to find the next best way.

“A lot of new conceptual development starts by trying to overcome a limitation or problem with an existing product or solution,” says Scott Lee. “The team we have put together refuses to settle, it’s not in our DNA.”

Image courtesy HAWK

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