Shooting USA’s Impossible Shots – Julie’s Shooting & Fireworks Show

Smith & Wesson pro, Julie Golob leads off with a firework celebration!  4th of July favorites become Impossible Shots for Julie and her M&P Shield.  Then Randy Oitker shoots five arrows at a time. Randy first repeats his Guinness world record, and then beats it with another record. Five more arrows shot on five targets, like you’ve never seen.

Shooting USA – The US Steel Nationals

The nation’s fastest pistol shooters shoot it out for the titles in the U.S. Steel Championship. It’s been called “bang and clang” and “drag racing with guns”. How fast can you draw and shoot five steel targets? The answer from the pro shooters… very fast, indeed! Plus, we’re taking you to the NRA Annual Meeting in Houston, with 86-thousand members there to see the new products of the year and to support the Second Amendment. More Info…

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