With the cold weather all over the nation, this week’s episode of Gun Girl Radio is all about winter time shooting. Tune is as hosts Randi Rogers and Julie Golob share their tips, tricks and suggestions for making productive range time even in the coldest weather.

Growing up in Colorado Randi Rogers trades stories with Julie Golob, a current Montana resident, about cold weather practice sessions. Julie has Randi beat, shooting in -25º, but they both have advice about shooting in cold dry climates and cold humid climates.

Preparing for cold weather shooting starts with getting to the range. Randi shares stories of getting stuck in snow and Julie gives some great advice on dressing with layers to combat the cold. The hosts then share advice on keeping your hands and guns warm, to wear or not to wear gloves, special tips for shooting with snow on the ground and eye protection considerations. Then to wrap it up Randi and Julie go over tips for keeping guns running, advice on loading and powder selection and several specific drills designed for cold weather shooting.

Episode 33 ends with listener questions including a question of advice on on how parents should treat toy firearms and what the Gun Girls are wishing for from Santa this christmas.

You won’t want to miss this week’s show! Listen to the entire episode at www.gungirlradio.com/033 or subscribe to the show on iTunes. Have questions for Randi or Julie? Email them to ladies@gungirlradio.com.

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