Maximum Warrior 4,” produced by Maxim and sponsored by BLACKHAWK!, concludes its fourth season with the episode, “Gate to Gate,” at The two remaining warriors utilize every skill set in their arsenals and are pushed to their physical limits in the ultimate test that spans the entire T1G training base.

Past episodes, mini-challenges, instructor profiles and warrior profiles are available online for viewers to catch up on the action. In its fourth season, “Maximum Warrior 4” has grown to include more difficult tactical situations requiring quick-thinking and problem solving. During each episode, operators will only have their battle-tested BLACKHAWK! gear and tactical skills to see them through.

Featuring 10 U.S. Special Operations soldiers as they navigate military-inspired missions, “Maximum Warrior 4” tests operators’ tactical skills, marksmanship, physical conditioning and decision-making abilities. The overall winner will be named the Maximum Warrior and receive $10,000 in cash and $3,000 worth of BLACKHAWK! gear.

Viewers can enter for a chance to win some of the same gear used in the competition. Five Warrior prizes, including a grand prize package loaded with over $6,600 worth of gear, will be given away to viewers who register for the sweepstakes by Dec. 20 at the Maximum Warrior Sweepstakes page.

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