High Lifter Products Inc., the leader in custom aftermarket ATV accessories and products, today announced the newest addition to its Mudline: the 32.5 Outlaw. This robust and aggressive mud tire is produced in a 32.5×10.5×14 size, is the third tire in the Outlaw series, and is the largest tire produced by High Lifter.

High Lifter released the ground-breaking 29.5” Outlaw in 2011 to the market featuring an innovative tread that wraps all the way to the rim, increasing traction in deep ruts. The tire’s scooped treads maximize pulling, digging, and paddling through deep mud and water. With a 7-pitch design, the 32.5” Outlaw cleans out exceptionally well. It’s tread depths range from 1 5/8” in the center to 2 3/8” at the shoulder and 1 1/8” on the side wrap. The newest addition to the Outlaw Mudline is a true-to-size 32.5” tire. The 32.5” Outlaw was the clear champion when measured against some competitor 34” and 32” tires with the same PSI.

“The High Lifter Nation wanted a bigger Outlaw-branded tire and we couldn’t be more excited to give them exactly what they want,” said Scott Smith, President of High Lifter Products. “I’m really impressed with our team because they were able to create a tire with exceptional cleaning ability and superior traction. When you take that information combined with the fact that our 32.5-inch is actually larger than some 34-inch tires on the market, it really speaks volumes about our dedication to producing the very best products for ATVs and UTVs.”

The all-new 32.5 Outlaw is a rugged mud rider’s tire that continuously pulls and cleans with every revolution. The 32.5 Outlaw is available in the following size and is the ultimate mud tire for both ATVs and RUVs: 32.5×10.5×14 ($240.00).

Image courtesy High Lifter Products

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