Readers looking for the perfect balance of beauty and brawn will be satisfied by the cover story for the March/April issue of American Handgunner. Magnum Research and Kahr Arms pair a Desert Eagle DE50MB — affectionately labeled the “Big-Nosed Deagle” by John Connor — and a PM9 Black Rose Edition to create a match incorporating both delicate precision and sturdy strength.

“The Really Big Deal about the Big-Nose Deagle is, with its integral muzzle brake/compensator, the fearsome recoil generated by the .50AE round in a ‘standard’ Deagle becomes — No Real Big Deal. No Kidding,” describes Connor. “Kahr’s Black Rose Edition of the PM9 is undeniably a sweet little carrygun, and yes, now I get the shiny-witha- flower message: It ain’t just frippery. Smart laides won’t accept any less than precision and reliability, but additional touches combine practicality and a certain cachet.”

The March/April issue also features another handy pair of handguns, with Mark Hampton’s look at Smith & Wesson’s Competitor models in .44 and .357 Magnum.

“The major and most noticeable difference comes in the weighted 6″ barrels. These are, in actuality, target revolvers, and target shooters often like to custom-tune the ‘heft’ of the barrel by adding or subtracting barrel weights. S&W enables that, but turned it into a design feature at the same time,” describes Hampton. “The .357 Magnum version is a perfect companion piece to the .44, and would allow training, new-shooter introduction to handgun hunting, and with lighter-bulleted loads, would make a fun varminter!”

The March/April issue of American Handgunner also highlights Mike “Duke” Venturino’s explanation of Colt .45’s sturdy utility, Roy Huntington’s look at the NAA Sidewinder and Wayne Van Zwoll explores how Indian bows weighed in against firearms in the 1800’s.

A Kimber CDP II highlights the March/April Gun of the Month giveaway. This package also includes a trio of products from Maxpedition, Anglesey’s Rival knife with Blade-Tech Sheath, the CRKT ExiTool, the Exodus Illusion Holster and Impact Pro hearing protection from Howard Leight. Handgunner readers will have the chance to win this package, valued at over $2,250, by simply entering online at

Image courtesy American Handgunner

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