Drawing on decades of experience as a market leader and innovator, Flambeau is proud to introduce Storm Front Calls as its newest line of waterfowl calls. Flambeau Outdoors teamed up with world champion caller and highly accomplished hunter and professional guide, Richie McKnight, to develop a series of calls that are ideal for both professionals and weekend warriors. Easy to use and extremely realistic, the Chill Factor; Arctic Fury; and Ice Box will bring more waterfowl in to your Storm Front Decoys.

The Chill Factor Canada goose call puts the meat in the freezer! Smaller in stature, it’s built to produce loud, sharp honks and clucks with blazing speed. The volume of this call works well on high flying migrators and high wind days when you really need the call to be heard. Day in and day out, high pitch calls are hard to beat.

Storm Front Arctic Fury Waterfowl call
Storm Front Arctic Fury Waterfowl call

The Arctic Fury is built for the everyday hunter looking to produce the most realistic Canada goose tones that fool giant Canada geese. The end piece has been designed to give the call more built-in back pressure, allowing the call to break with very little air making it easy to operate. The new worn-in internal gut/reed system allows the call to have true goose tones and produce deep guttural honks and clucks.

The new worn-in internal gut/reed system in the Chill Factor and the Artic Fury really make these calls shine and allow them to produce live Canada goose tones with very quick response time right out of the package. For most goose callers, the biggest challenge is actually getting their call worn-in to the point it is in top condition. The new Storm Front goose calls featuring worn-in guts are already in their top condition right out of the package, adding a whole new level of ability for many callers. Look at it like buying a new pair of boots… When they are new they are stiff and uncomfortable, but after a year of wear they are conditioned to your foot and fit perfectly. Buying one of the new Storm Front goose calls is like buying a Brand New pair of worn-in boots. The tone channel of the call is already conditioned to the wear of the reed and the call is 100% ready to go right out of the package.

Storm Front Ice Box Waterfowl Call
Storm Front Ice Box Waterfowl Call

The Ice Box was designed for every duck hunting scenario. Whether a veteran duck caller or first time waterfowler, hunting in flooded green timber or open water; this duck call will produce loud hail calls and aggressive comeback calls all the way down to soft quacks and chuckles.

“It’s pure DUCK all the way from greeting call to that last deadly feeder chuckle,” says Richie McKnight, World Champion Goose Caller.

Chill Factor (Model SF110) and Arctic Fury (Model SF100) MSRP: $29.99; Ice Box (Model SF120) MSRP: $24.99.

Images courtesy Flambeau Outdoors

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