January 18-26, 2014 marks International Snowmobile Safety Week, which is dedicated to promoting snowmobile safety education and enforcement. At snowmobile-ed.com, putting safety conscious riders on the trail is top priority. The snowmobile safety courses at snowmobile-ed.com allow students to receive their snowmobile license or safety certification online. Plus, the state-approved training covers the same material taught in the classroom.

“We’ve worked with state agencies responsible for snowmobile safety training to develop approved online snowmobiling safety courses,” said Kurt Kalkomey, president of Kalkomey Enterprises, Inc. “By taking an online course, students receive a high-quality education while learning at their own pace.”

Students who must receive their certification to operate a snowmobile pay a one-time fee, which is due only if they pass the test. Students can take the test as many times as they need to pass it. Plus, the course is available on any device, so students can access the course on the Web even if the only way they have to connect to the Internet is via their smartphone. Plus, the new mobile-ready course features videos, realistic illustrations and interactive animations that make it easier and more fun to learn how to safely operate a snowmobile. The course’s snowmobile safety video series teaches about the appropriate riding gear, riding in various conditions, loading and unloading, plus much more.

“Our goal in developing this series was to create videos that would be fun for students to watch. We wanted to use humor, where appropriate, to focus the student’s attention on the safety advice,” said Kurt Kalkomey, president of Kalkomey Enterprises, Inc., which produces snowmobile-ed.com. “We also wanted to avoid lecturing. Our videos are meant to engage students with opportunities to explore and select the best options for staying safe while operating their machine. This helps students develop true understanding rather than just memorizing the lesson.”

Students taking the course will learn how to:

  •     Maintain, operate and store their snowmobiles
  •     Dress for the weather
  •     Determine what protective gear is needed
  •     Safely ride a snowmobile in a variety of situations
  •     Deal with unexpected conditions
  •     Follow state laws

Snowmobiling can be a fun, healthy recreational pastime that can introduce people to beautiful areas they might otherwise never see. To get started, students should visit snowmobile-ed.com and choose their state. After passing the test, students should print out their temporary snowmobile safety certificate before getting out there to enjoy the snow.

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