The Pope & Young Club, a non-profit North American conservation and bowhunting organization, announced additional financial support for Primero Conservation’s jaguar and mountain lion research project in the Sonora region of Mexico. The financial support will provide GPS satellite collars and veterinary services for the peccary population restoration program. In addition to direct Pope and Young Club funding, Coues’ deer bowhunts can be booked on the ranches on which the research is taking place.

These monies are dedicated to the research and compensating ranchers for their cattle losses due to jaguar depredation.

“While the grant dollars are specifically being used for GPS satellite collars and veterinarian services, the project has many different elements,” says Kevin Hisey, Executive Secretary for the Pope & Young Club. “This is a unique example of bowhunter-conservationists exercising conservation-in-action.”

Primero Conservation, a 501(c)(3) organization, in conjunction with their jaguar and mountain lion research program, established a peccary project in the Sonora region of Mexico. The peccaries are a major component of the diet for jaguar and mountain lion. Disease has reduced the peccary populations resulting in increased predation on cattle by jaguar and mountain lion. A goal of the research is to increase peccary populations thereby reducing jaguar predation on cattle. A secondary goal is to increase and maintain a huntable population of peccary.

“The Pope and Young Club has generously provided funding for this project for the past 3 years,” says Ron Thompson, President of Primero Conservation. “We hope this will result in new hunting opportunities which provides income to area ranchers. Pope & Young Club members can book a hunt and come to the project area to hunt Coues’ deer and participate in the tracking of collared jaguars, lions and peccaries.”

Find out more about Primero Conservation at or P.O. Box 16106, Portal, Arizona 85632 • (719) 850-1020 •

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