Protecting family and children from loaded firearms inspired West Chester, Ohio locksmith and inventor Rod Herdman to create WallHolster, an efficient, quick-release, easy-to use gun lock.

Herdman unveiled WallHolster this fall at his storefront and at Ohio gun shows, selling out his entire inventory over a five-week period. He is currently manufacturing more WallHolsters and looking for dealers across the country to sell the product.

The WallHolster, a product of GUNPUCK, LLC, looks like a hockey puck and operates like a push-button lock. Each WallHolster can be configured to have a possible 3,600 to more than 134 million combinations. A unique combination is pressed to release the gun within a few seconds. WallHolsters can also keep handguns secure by mounting them in car trunks, trucks, RVs, campers or on motorcycles.

“I invented the WallHolster with the idea of securing my guns in a way that gives me instant access, yet keeps them locked and safe from family and intruders,” said Herdman. “If someone breaks into our home, he or she will not be able to use my guns against us.”

Herdman of West Chester has a 38-year career as a locksmith and award-winning inventor. He holds nine U.S. patents and has a concealed carry license. A serial entrepreneur, he is the inventor of technology that is now SmartLoc™ rekeyable cylinders, which are installed in commercial and institutional settings nationwide. The WallHolster has been through five generations of product testing with gun owners and local police officers interested in securing service guns at home.

Cost of a WallHolster is $120. All WallHolster parts are made in the U.S. and assembled in West Chester. The company is in the process of developing a holder for long guns and a metal box with the same instant release and security benefits.

For more information about WallHolster, go to or call (513) 777-3329.

Image courtesy GUNPUCK LLC

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