Zippo Outdoor has signed Bassmaster Elite Pro and Bassmaster Elite Angler of the Year 2012, Brent Chapman, along with wife, Bobbi and their two children, to a sponsorship agreement for the 2014 Elite Pro Bassmaster Tournament Series.

Because of the family’s commitment to all aspects of Brent’s career, to always being together as a family, and to working together side-by-side in a family business that includes camping 6 months out of the year, Zippo®  Outdoor chose Brent and Bobbi Chapman from a field of elite fishing pros. “Brent, Bobbi, and the kids reflect a lifestyle congruent with the Zippo®  brand; a recognized and trusted brand known for integrity, longevity, reliability and genuine experiences”, says Chris Funk, Marketing Product Manager for Zippo® Outdoor.

“We started traveling together as soon as we got married, and started camping as soon as we had our kids.  We take our ‘home on the road’ and travel to lakes and places all across America” says Bobbi Chapman.  She adds, “The biggest blessing is that we are always together. Not all fishermen at Brent’s level choose, or can afford, to travel with their family. There are many sacrifices that we make in order to travel with Brent. But for me, I believe that a family is either growing together, or growing apart.  We work hard to grow together, and we strongly identify with the Zippo®  Outdoor line of products. They set a new standard in camping gear. It’s rugged, inventive, reliable, and best of all their products are about making memories, living comfortably and enjoying the Great Outdoors.”

To make great memories with family and friends on the boat, in fishing camp, the wilderness, or in the backyard, you have to be comfortable, be ready for it. Zippo Outdoor knows what it takes to make your experience more livable all year ’round. Zippo products are the ones you can trust to help you live well and make memories that last a lifetime.

“Bobbi and I are equal partners in this business”, comments Brent. “I couldn’t possibly do this without her running the business side of things, and my kids being my greatest fans. We are very happy that Zippo chose us over everyone else out there. They have great gear.” Chapman adds.

Image courtesy Zippo Outdoor

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