Leica Sport Optics is honored to win the 2014 Gray’s Best Award, presented by Gray’s Sporting Journal, for its Geovid 10×42 HD-B Laser Rangefinder Binocular. This is the third win for a Geovid family product.

Terry Moore, Leica VP of Sport Optics, said, “We are humbled by the presentation of a Gray’s Best for the new Leica Geovid HD-B and their recognition of the considerable level of innovation it represents.”

Winning for best binocular in the “Shooting” category, the Leica Geovid 10×42 Binocular is described in the Gray’s Sporting Journal’s review of its Gray’s Best products as not only being the first binocular with integral laser rangefinder, but by several measurements, also the “very best.”

Terry Wieland, shooting editor for Gray’s Sporting Journal, says since the Leica Geovid was introduced in the 1990s it has changed in several ways, becoming lighter and more compact at the same time as its operation was simplified and useful features and functions were added.

“It has Leica’s trademark superb optical quality and could be carried, all day in perfect comfort, like a standard binocular,” Wieland said. “But it’s more than a binocular; it is, in a way, an optical computer, employing a tiny memory card tucked safely into the battery compartment.”

Each year Gray’s Sporting Journal editors review hundreds of new products, and those that most impress the editors end up with a Gray’s Best Award.

The new Geovid-HD B contains advanced ballistics technology enabling users to add/create their own custom ballistics info for their specific firearm as well as class-leading ranging abilities.

The newly developed ballistic function ABC (Advanced Ballistic Compensation) provides the proper aim point for the hunter and shooter. The Geovid HD-B’s integrated, highly precise ballistic processor can instantly gather and analyze the ballistic information with one touch of the button, giving accurate information for the correct hold over, turret adjustment or drop down reticle aiming point. When calculating the trajectory, the distance, angle, temperature and air pressure are all taken into account.

Twelve ballistic curves representing most of the trajectories of modern hunting cartridges are programmed in the system. Plus, an integrated microSD card slot, located inside the battery housing, allows the hunter to program and save personal ballistic data for his or her cartridge/rifle combination. This innovative option allows the hunter to input ballistic data based on his or her cartridge and rifle. Different ballistic information data sets can be saved on separate microSD cards for multiple cartridge/rifle use. The result is extremely precise and accurate ballistics information. Within only 0.2 seconds, the Leica GEOVID HD-B 42 displays all of the necessary information for an accurate shot, especially with steep inclinations and at long distances.

Image courtesy Leica

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