Your firearm is in your house to protect yourself and your loved ones. However, too many Americans keep guns unsecure under beds, behind doors or stowed in closets. This leaves them unsecured and makes them inconvenient for quick access during a life-threatening situation.  This is why NRA® Jotto Gear has introduced the NRA® Home Defense Cabinet, a hidden unit that secures your firearm and provides for easy access when and where you need it most.  The unit features Smart Gun Lock Head, a military-grade biometric securing system designed so only you and those you trust can open the locks securing your home defense firearm(s).  Locked up and accessible, know your firearm is within reach and away from prying eyes and curious children.

The NRA Home Defense Cabinet is installed as a recessed unit in your bedroom, hallway or anywhere you choose. While safes have their place, the NRA Home Defense Cabinet supplements that need and eliminates an unsecured firearm.  Flush with the wall, the NRA Home Defense Cabinet appears as a simple hanging mirror – available in a medium or unfinished maple wood frame – and is undetectable to visitors.

Simply use the quick release latch and slide the mirrored panel to access the company’s proprietary biometric securing system. Not swipe or scan technology, the biometric reader is a live fingerprint detector that reads the positive ions in the finger providing for accurate and high-resolution fingerprint recognition. The system allows for up to 99 fingerprints, which means you can save a number of your own fingerprints as well as other trusted individuals’ fingerprints. What’s more, the biometric controls can be interfaced with your home alarm and other smart home systems.

The patent-pending NRA Home Defense Cabinet is available in two models. The Single firearm unit is designed for an AR/AK style firearm or shotgun while the dual firearm unit adds a biometrically controlled Handgun Holster as well.  Both feature the same Smart Gun Lock Head “anti-hotwire” technology and high-end biometric security, measure 60 inches by 20 inches and include a utility shelf for a flashlight, utility knife or other items.

NRA Jotto Gear offers officially NRA licensed products designed to intelligently store and keep your firearms and other gear accessible. In addition to the NRA Home Defense Cabinet, products include the NRA Handgun Holster and the NRA Cargo Slide for pickup trucks. All products are constructed of the finest materials and technologies available and are manufactured at the highest standards in order to deliver superior products worthy of the Jotto Gear and NRA names. NRA Jotto Gear is an affiliate brand of Jotto Desk, offering computer mounts and docking & mounting stations for mobile professionals as well as being the only Total Solutions Provider for the Public Safety market.

For more information on Jotto Desk’s “Official NRA Licensed Product” line Jotto Gear, visit or contact the company at: 800.979.3375 x6496 ·

Image courtesy NRA Jotto Gear

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One thought on “NRA Home Defense Cabinet by NRA Jotto Gear Allows for Discreet Access to Firearms

  1. This is an interesting concept, although it does not appear that the lock will withstand a pry bar in the hands of a thief. I would consider this for the purpose of having a firearm readily available but secure against children accessing the weapon. I would not put it in the category of preventing the theft of the firearm in the event of a break-in and burglary, and it depends on the thief not recognizing the concealment nature of the mirror. It is a little pricey ($950 for the tactical long gun version and $1200 for the long gun plus handgun version). It does not appear that it will accept a scoped AR or tactical shotgun, or a weapon like the KelTec KSG or UTAS UT15. All that being said, I am seriously considering getting one of these for a new home, which will also have a gun safe for secure storage.

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