With the price and availability of .223 ammo so unreliable over the last few years, many AR shooters have struggled for a more reasonable alternative for practice and recreation, which is part of why .22 LR disappeared off shelves last year. Having already built a quality .22 LR upper for years, JP is now proud to announce the debut of the new and improved JP-22R action that opens up every small-frame JP platform (JP-15, CTR-02, SCR-11 and PSC-11) for a .22 LR conversion.

No “me too” .22, the JP-22R series is designed to meet standards that flimsy plastic or cheaply assembled conversions simply can’t. By incorporating the exact same components and build quality of a centerfire JP, shooters can now have a .22 upper assembly or complete rifle that matches the quality of their primary rifles.

The JP-22R offers a great alternative for situations and range venues that don’t allow larger calibers. Plus, as a practice rig, it has the benefit of weight and handling virtually identical to a shooter’s match rifle, which is key to worthwhile training. After all, a practice tool that cannot duplicate the feel of the real thing immediately fails at its intended purpose.

Complete JP-22R upper assemblies based on JP’s high-quality forged JP-15 upper receiver are ready for immediate shipment. For custom builds, the JP-22R is also available in the machined-from-billet CTR-02, billet side-charging SCR-11 and dual-charging PSC-11 JP receivers along with virtually all the standard options and upgrades JP has to offer. New centerfire rifle orders can even add on a secondary JP-22R upper assembly to match with no increase in production time.

For more information on JP Enterprises and the JP-22R, visit their website at www.jprifles.com and keep up to date on the newest JP developments at www.facebook.com/JPRifles and http://twitter.com/JPRifles.

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