Eliminating human scent plays a vital role in a successful hunt. That’s why the folks at Advantage Hunting developed the remarkable, patented SCENTite technology featured in Advantage Hunting’s Deluxe Rigid Hunting Blind.

SCENTite blinds are designed with intake ports located near the floor that pull in fresh air, which is naturally drafted upward toward a roof-mounted pipe, extending 30 feet above the ground. Like a chimney, this pipe draws your human scent up and away, which greatly reduces your scent in the surrounding area.

Tinted polycarbonate windows provide a 360-degree view, but seal against a gasket to keep them scent-tight and weatherproof while flipping up outwardly providing an unobstructed view or shot.

In addition to being scent-proof, SCENTite blinds are lightweight, durable and portable.

They can be used effectively as ground blinds with a full-size door, or elevated off the ground with a trapdoor through the floor for easy access.

These portable and lightweight blinds are great for both gun or bowhunters who believe scent concealment is non-negotiable.

For more information on Advantage Hunting products, visit online at www.advantagehunting.com.

Image courtesy Advantage Hunting

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