The V-T2 is revolutionary to fish care because it creates a more stable and natural environment for fish that are held in a livewell.

When Ray Scott made catch & release fishing a main component of the B.A.S.S. tournaments in 1972 with his “Don’t Kill Your Catch” initiative, fish care and conservation has been a main component for bass tournament anglers. With that in mind, NewPro Products has introduced the next step in fish care with their new V-T2, a livewell ventilation system.

The V-T2 is placed in the livewell lid and creates an open air exchange through the top. The 3-inch sleeve protrudes into the livewell directing cooler oxygenated air into the water, while removing harmful gasses.

“The V-T2 is revolutionary to livewell fish care because it creates a more stable and natural environment for fish that are held in a livewell,” said Judy Tipton, president of NewPro Products and inventor of the V-T2 Livewell Ventilation System. “The traditional closed-off livewells on the market hold in heat and harmful metabolic gasses and cut off the available oxygen in our atmosphere from entering the livewell and diffusing into the water.”

The V-T2 allows for the natural processes that keep our lakes healthy for fish to be at work in your livewell. Lakes are naturally cooled, stripped of harmful gases, and receive most of their dissolved oxygen from interaction with the atmosphere and wind. The V-T2 applies these same natural processes to your livewell, so that your fish experience a more similar livewell experience to the lake they were just taken from and this reduces stress levels dramatically. The V-T2’s design is uniquely constructed to operate with natural breezes and the movement of your boat and all without battery power or fisherman participation.

Image courtesy NewPro Products

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