Sub-zero temperatures and dense fog do little to prevent Doug Hamric, host of Outfittersrating TV, from hunting brown bear in his favorite location – Alaska. Hamric locates the perfect brown bear, but the weather forces him to rethink his hunting strategy. The intensity of the hunt quickly escalates when Hamric suddenly realizes camp is no longer in sight. Discover if Hamric can safely navigate through the Alaskan wilderness on this week’s episode of Outfittersrating TV, exclusively on Sportsman Channel, Wednesday, March 5 at 9:30 p.m. ET/PT.

Stunning skies and picturesque mountains serve as a grand backdrop for Hamric on his quest for an Alaskan brown bear, but Alaska’s landscape proves to be deceiving. Dense fog and snow roll in overnight, making it nearly impossible for Hamric to continue tracking bears.  “We thought we had picked a good time to hunt for brown bear,” said Hamric. “The snow hadn’t melted yet, so it was easy to get around, but we didn’t expect the fog.”

As the hunt progresses, the snow and fog drastically impact Hamric’s visibility in the Alaskan mountains. He considers heading back to camp, but discovers that not only is it difficult to find a bear den, but his hunting camp is nowhere in sight. “The bears were proving elusive, especially with the weather,” added Hamric. “Eventually, we were just worried about finding our way back to camp – you couldn’t see two steps in front of you.”

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