Serious female hunters looking for the lightest and toughest archery gear that can keep up with them on even the most xtreme hunts, have found THE ultimate quiver designed specifically for female bowhunters – the new Archer Xtreme Lady K2 Quiver.  The new Lady Xtreme K2 Quiver is the latest addition to AXT’s newest line of xtreme archery products designed to fit the bows ladies prefer and the toughest terrain lady bowhunters dare tread.

Gone are the days when the female bowhunter was limited to bulky, heavy, inferior accessories. The lightweight and strong AXT Lady K2 Quiver features a full five-arrow design complete with dual arrow gripper. This dual arrow gripper was designed to handle the smallest diameter carbon arrows preferred by hardcore hunters and elite archers alike. The rugged gripper system is ideal to secure your arrows while taking a few shots and showing up the boys in the backyard, competing at a 3-D tournament or tackling the tough terrain of a backcountry bowhunt. The foam insert in the hood is pre-cut, making it well suited to mechanical or traditional broadheads.

The heart of the lightweight Lady K2 Quiver is Archer Xtreme’s Quadra Lock attachment system.  With the Quadra Lock, ladies will have a quick, easy, and secure system to attach her quiver to the bow when on the move or easily and quietly detach when hunting from a treestand and wishing to lighten the bow. The AXT Lady K2 Quiver is built using two Dual Fiber Core support rods for strength and adjustability. The Vibration Absorbing Coat (V.A.C.) serves double duty by diminishing the effects of vibration and noise from key parts.  Not only does this assist the lady bowhunter in remaining undetected, it makes the shot feel smoother. Of course, less vibration also means an increase in accuracy – another attractive bonus with Archer Xtreme’s Lady K2 Quiver.

The Lady K2 Quiver is available in black and features the same stylish pink accents as other offerings in Archer Xtreme’s Lady Bowhunter Series including the Lady Xtreme 4O Sight and the Lady Xtreme Hardcore Stabilizer.

Image courtesy Archer Xtreme

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