“I want to share knowledge and bring a community of fishing lure ideas together to come up with what the pro’s haven’t thought of yet. Lets connect with people that fish all varieties of waters, utilizing all techniques of fishing. I believe there is so much more value in the mass’s than there would be in small pro staff like most of these guys have. ” – Ian Paskon, Founder of Revolution Lures

Revolution Lures will be repositioned as a crowd sourcing company for fishing lure ideas. Public and Private services are offered. Public services include monthly voting periods on posted ideas. Voting periods begin on the 1st of each month and end on the last day of each month. The idea(s) with the most public votes at the end of each period will be designed, prototyped, and manufactured for production and sale. Inventors are guaranteed a ‘royalty per-net-sales’ for the life of their fishing lure. Users must create an account on RevolutionLures.com to submit ideas and vote on ideas; all accounts are 100% Free.

Private services are available to fishermen who don’t want the public to view their idea. Confidentiality statements will be agreed upon before any ideas are communicated. Private inventors can use Revolution Lures to design, prototype, and manufacture their fishing lure idea. Private projects will not collect votes or be hosted online. Private projects will be shipped directly to the inventor for their own use and/or sale.

“I want to bypass all the mistakes; Take your idea and throw it into our own factory and supply chain. I can, and I want, to give the average guy the feeling I had when I caught fish off of my invention and my lure.” – Ian Paskon

Donate funds in support of the new direction of Revolution Lures on Fundable.com. Donations give back a variety of incentives, such as, a year’s worth of Revolution Lures for you and a buddy, custom fishing jerseys, and even guided fishing trips to a destination of your choice.

Revolution Lures are the makers of ‘The Interchangeable’ Spinnerbaits and Buzzbaits. The Interchangeable Pro-Series will be available only in retail Spring, 2015.

Image courtesy Revolution Lures

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