Costa will launch its latest original film series, “GEOBASS: The World’s Greatest Bass Fishing Adventure,” at the first Bassmaster Elite Series tournament in Bainbridge, Ga. GEOBASS chronicles the lifestyles, mishaps and camaraderie of the four expedition anglers of GEOFISH fame – Thad Robison, Brian Jill, Jay Johnson and Chris Owens – in an around the world epic bass fishing journey.

In the series, the GEOBASS team searches the planet to locate and catch unique bass species, and experience the adventurous waters where they live. The crew will receive tips and advice from B.A.S.S owner and TV fishing legend Jerry McKinnis, as well as some Bassmaster Elite Series tournament pros, on how to conquer some of the most sought-after bass worldwide.

“In addition to being a story about unveiling Earth’s greatest fishing frontiers, GEOBASS is about our overriding urge to explore the world,” said Robison. “If a fish has the word ‘bass’ anywhere in its name, we’re going to try and catch it, no matter where in the world it lives. From the infamous record breaking largemouth bass of Mexico, to the legendary peacock bass of South America and the mysterious Indonesian black bass, our mission is to find bass in the places they thrive – many in places no one’s seen before – even if it means using extreme measures to get ourselves there.”

GEOBASS Episode 1: Colombia will launch online Fri., Mar. 14, during the first Bassmaster Elite Series tournament. Following episodes will release during subsequent Bassmaster Elite Series tournaments, featuring the GEOBASS team extreme bass fishing in Mexico, Africa, Nicaragua and beyond.

The full viewing schedule is as follows:
Fri., Mar. 14 – GEOBASS Episode 1: Colombia
Fri., Apr. 4 – GEOBASS Episode 2: Mexico Part I
Fri., May 2 – GEOBASS Episode 3: Mexico Part II
Fri., May 16 – GEOBASS Episode 4: Nicaragua
Fri., Aug. 8 – GEOBASS Episode 5: Africa Part I
Fri., Aug. 22 – GEOBASS Episode 6: Africa Part II
Fri., Sept. 19 – GEOBASS Episode 7: Finale – Papau-New Guinea

“This is bass fishing like you’ve never seen it before,” said Al Perkinson, vice president of marketing for Costa. “These guys put themselves in incredible danger – from nearly being arrested in Mexico to encountering near-death experiences in South America. But to them, it’s just another day at the office.”

Viewers can follow the worldwide saga at, and share the stories online using the hashtag #GEOBASS.

Image courtesy Costa

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