XO-26 Compact Firepower for Cops Featured in April Issue of American COP Magazine


The April issue of American COP features Publisher Roy Huntington’s review of Franklin Amory’s XO-26, a unique crossover between a rifle and a pistol. The versatility of the XO-26 is piquing the interest of law enforcement and encouraging some to begin clearing a space for it among their cache of backup gear.

“The XO-26 is basically an AR with the handling and firepower of an SBR, but with ‘buying-it-over-the-counter’ convenience,” describes Huntington. “This is not a precision rifle and not a battle rifle. It’s made for emergency use, a lot like a duty handgun.”

In “Hands-On: SWAT Gear,” LE expert and author Tony Lesce gives a rundown on selectively chosen SWAT equipment, including The Tactical Universal Clip, Safariland’s compact cuffs and safety cutter, the LGD-426 dual-laser system from Crimson Trace, protective eyewear from WOLFHOUND and Semtex, among several other items.

This issue of American COP also includes a spring cleaning guide, “cop-style,” for updating faulty or overused gear, insight on how social media can be used to enhance a department’s image within the community, a report on Chinook Medical Gear for cops and a look at the benefits of volunteer work in prisons.

Appropriately, the highlight of the April Gun of the Month Giveaway is a Franklin Armory XO-26, valued at over $1,500. The giveaway also includes the Eagle Heavy Duty folder from Al Mar Knives, a Spatha laptop case, an all-weather tactical pen from Maxpedition and Howard Leight Impact Sport earmuffs. Readers can enter to win this prize bundle by visiting www.americancopmagazine.com/giveaway.

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