The Freelance Bowhunter: DIY Strategies for the Traveling Hunter


Bernie Barringer AKA “The Freelance Bowhunter” has made more than 20 Do-it-yourself whitetail bowhunting trips in a dozen states. He is well known as the guy who moves into a new area, figures out the bucks and gets it done even when surrounded by the heavy hunting pressure that often accompanies public land. And he has been able to do each hunt on a tight budget so he can hunt two, three and sometimes four states each hunting season.

In this book he shares tactics that can help you be successful hunting public land in the great destination states. He starts wide by explaining how to choose the right state and offers loads of information and stats on the best states with nonresident tag data, seasons and application information for each. From there he helps you narrow your search to the right area within the state and the particular property that shows the most promise. Finally, he helps you pick out what he calls the “perfect stand site; the killing tree where you will get your first big buck or your next big buck.”

He also goes into detail on the aggressive hunting tactics needed to be successful on a hunt with a deadline. He explains how to eat well on the road, explores lodging options, discusses effective trail camera use, choosing the right equipment for the mobile hunter, and how to deal with a buck on the ground when you are miles from home.

Finally, he explains in detail the opportunities for the 16 best whitetail “destination states” which helps the traveling hunter choose where he would like to hunt on his first or his next DIY hunting trip.

Any whitetail hunter who has ever considered traveling across state lines to have a chance to shoot a mature buck will find this one-of-a-kind book a gold mine of useful information. Every deer hunting enthusiast should have this valuable reference. The book is over 200 pages with 90 photos.

What the experts are saying:

“There are television deer shooters and then there are deer hunters. Bernie is clearly a hunter. This book should be required reading for every deer hunter setting off on a hunt in a new area. This is not just another book about rubs and scrapes, it’s a treasure of valuable information. I wish I had this book years ago.” – Myles Keller, Legendary Bowhunter

“DIY road trips are becoming more popular as a new generation of whitetail bowhunters gain the confidence to venture far from home. Bernie Barringer has put in the years and miles required to become a consistently successful DIY whitetail bowhunter. What he’s learned will help you, too. His book offers a proven game plan for success.”  — Gordon Whittington, Editor in Chief, North American Whitetail 

“No archer I know is as willing to do what it takes to be a successful DIY whitetail bowhunter like Bernie Barringer. That he would share his secrets is a gift you should treasure. Do what he says and you, too, can successfully bowhunt big whitetails on the cheap, just like Bernie has been doing for decades.” — Bob Robb, Editor, Whitetail Journal Magazine.

“When it comes to traveling and bowhunting mature whitetails, the time constraints and weather variables often handcuff even the most seasoned whitetailer. It’s these situations where Barringer’s tactics and problem-solving ideas really shine. Success in the whitetail woods with stick and string is often illusive, yet the base knowledge contained herein is priceless.” – Tom Miranda, Bowhunting Super Slammer

“Bernie Barringer is one of those “been there, done-that” deer hunters whose advice is worth heeding. Why? Because it can make you a better bowhunter, especially if you’re a do-it-yourselfer. And that’s why his new book is a savvy investment that offers suggestions to expand horizons and boost success.” M. R. James, Founder, Bowhunter Magazine

Books can be ordered at or by sending $19.99 plus $3.99 shipping to Bernie Barringer Outdoors, 9969 50th Ave, Brainerd, MN 56401

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