“We continue to grow with active conservationists with three basic, common goals; active upland wildlife habitat work and youth outreach, combined with local funds used for local projects, controlled and staying 100% at the local level” states Craig Alderman. “Our new chapter in Davie County, North Carolina brings together a group of supporters, hunters and passionate outdoors enthusiasts that makes North Carolina and the entire country better for it, Welcome Aboard” Craig explained.

“We love our outdoor lifestyle and want to preserve a tradition of hunting and all upland wildlife habitat. “Turnin-the-dirt” is the only way we can get that done as a group or as individuals especially for the wild bobwhite quail” explains Lanie Wall the new co-chair with Rick Clemmons. “We want to control our raised funds locally as well as support the national QUWF organization that brings us all to the table. Their business model gives us that advantage and freedom over all other groups we see out there” states Clemmons. Jointly they agree getting our youth involved in the outdoors is the core need of any organization or its chapters and they plan to be very active with that goal.

“It isn’t enough to count chapters or even members, in fact it may be very, very misleading, we count acres, wildlife populations, projects and youth events” states Nick Prough Chief Wildlife Biologist for QUWF. “That is why our business model is the strongest for true wildlife habitat restoration and youth outreach. They know locally what they need to address for these goals, they raised the money, keep it locally and we help guide them to their success” Prough states.

As of June 2013, QUWF and its local chapters and members have impacted 1.8 million acres of wildlife habitat and it’s chapters spent $107 Million Dollars in their local communities. That is “Turnin-the-Dirt”.

Logo courtesy Quail and Upland Wildlife Federation

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