Network Introduces JP DeRose Breaking Boundaries and Bill Boyce’s Baja; Latest Edition of World Fishing Journal on Sunday, April 6

New Seasons of Guided with Mark Melnyk and FORCE on FORCE Begin Saturday, April 19

This April, World Fishing Network, the leading entertainment destination and digital resource for anglers throughout North America, introduces two new original productions, JP DeRose Breaking Boundaries and Bill Boyce’s Baja, and debuts new seasons of Guided with Mark Melnyk and FORCE on FORCE. They will be joined by a new edition of World Fishing Journal as these five exclusive series form the cornerstone of World Fishing Network’s spring programming lineup.

“We’re always working hard to produce original, compelling content that appeals to our broad and diverse audience. These shows each offer something truly different and unique; anglers from every genre of the sport are sure to enjoy these programs that can only be found on World Fishing Network,” said Director of Programming for World Fishing Network, Ana Rodrigues. “Our audience will see parts of Baja they never knew existed, learn how to apply familiar techniques to catch a different species, experience a day in the life of a fishing guide and more. We’ve created shows for anglers and outdoor enthusiasts that simply cannot be experienced on other networks.”

JP DeRose Breaking Boundaries will inspire anglers to transcend their comfort zone and take that first step into crossing over into something new – the pursuit of an unfamiliar species. Each week, host JP DeRose invites along a special guest – a professional in his or her respective area – and places them in an unfamiliar scenario. Of course, the reverse can also be true as JP sometimes finds himself as the fish out of water, but together they’ll show how similarities exist in different types of fishing and how techniques can be applied to most any situation on the water. Whether it’s the love of fishing, educational shows or just great stories, JP DeRose Breaking Boundaries is the ultimate discovery of cross platform fishing opportunities.

Produced with the goal of providing the audience with the information they need to venture into something new and succeed, JP DeRose Breaking Boundaries will capture the honest and sometimes humorous spirit of emotion that generates an enjoyable and entertaining viewing experience. JP DeRose Breaking Boundaries debuts Sunday, April 6 at 12 p.m. ET.

For nearly 35 years, Bill Boyce, renowned fisheries biologist, photographer and host of the popular IGFA Saltwater Adventures with Bill Boyce, has travelled the hills, valleys, bays and towns of the Mexican Baja Peninsula. From experiencing the Baja 1000 to one of North America’s oldest wineries and the incredible fishing and marine life that the Baja shoreline has to offer, Bill and his local friends take viewers on a journey to parts of Baja that most don’t know even exist.

Every episode of Bill Boyce’s Baja, premiering Sunday, April 6 at 12:30 p.m. ET, delivers a unique perspective of both famous and out of the way sites that make Baja the magical place it is today.

Overtime is mandatory as Mark Melnyk returns for another season as he presents an insider’s look at what it takes to make it as a professional fishing guide on Guided with Mark Melnyk. Season Two brings about an evolution in the show as Mark moves from learning how to be a guide to showcasing the fishing guides he meets, delving deeper into this eclectic, competitive and sometimes dangerous field. Arriving at a new location each week, Guided with Mark Melnyk tells the stories of friendship, underlying competitiveness and the pure love of fishing.

The new season of Guided with Mark Melnyk starts Saturday, April 19 at 12 p.m. ET.

Finally, the location may have changed but the battle rages on as FORCE on FORCE heads to Lake Fork, Tex. for Season 3. This bracket-style tournament brings together the best of the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Bass Anglers into one smack-talking, big fish catching tournament. When the action moves off the water, the audience will hear the stories and meet the men and families who have served their country with honor. Last season’s FORCE on FORCE competitors had a combined 239 years and 57 deployments and raised $6,000 for Heroes on the Water during the competition.

Synchronize your watches for a new season of FORCE on FORCE on World Fishing Network, returning Saturday, April 19 at 12:30 p.m. ET. Hooah!

World Fishing Journal, bringing together a roster of talented sports producers to craft engaging, story-driven features based around the angling community and fishing industry, airs Sunday, April 6 at 11:30 a.m. ET. Episode 7 includes:

Music and Fishing at the 2014 Bassmaster Classic: Mikey and the Reelers are a band that met at fishing camp and are a perfect example of how music and fishing are two similar passions. Kevin VanDam, Mike Iaconelli and Casey Ashley all share their stories on how music is not only a huge part of the biggest bass tournament in the world, but also a big part of their everyday lives.

The Bow River Flood:  In June 2013, the Bow River and its tributaries burst their banks, causing the worst flooding southern Alberta has seen in 150 years. While monetary costs of the flood exceed $5 billion, there are also grave concerns on how the floods changed the blue-ribbon trout fishery that was synonymous with Calgary. See how the region dealt with the high waters and what anglers can expect in this upcoming fishing season.

Basscat Profile: For the past 43 years, the Pierce family has been through the highs and lows of the boating industry. From the brink of bankruptcy to the spoils of their diligence, hard work and innovation, this family-run business has stood the test of time. It’s a modern-day story of David and Goliath in an ultra-competitive industry.

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