Luck-E-Strike pro, Chris Lane, bags a victory at the 2014 Bassmaster Elite Series event on the St. John’s River in Palatka, Florida.  Chris has now won two of the last three Elite series events.  The St. John’s River tournament is Lane’s sixth B.A.S.S win in his illustrious career and he has over 20 top 10 finishes.  Included in those B.A.S.S. wins is his 2012 Bassmaster Classic victory on the Red River using Luck-E-Strike tubes.

Lane joined Luck-E-Strike six months before the 2012 Classic and felt the company was a good fit for all his fishing needs.  They are able to supply him with a wide range of baits for any season and any condition.  From hard baits, such as crankbaits and jerkbaits, to soft plastic baits, such as ribbon-tailed worms and jig trailers, Luck-E-Strike meets the needs of every fisherman from the pro level to the weekend angler.

One of Lane’s featured bait in his St. John’s River win was the Luck-E-Strike 7.5” Original Ringer in Black Ice.  Lane said of the Luck-E-Strike 7.5” Original Ringer in Black Ice, “It is a great bait for Florida’s pre-spawn and spawning bass.  During the tournament, I would Texas rig it with a quarter ounce or eighth ounce weight, depending on the wind, and cast it to lily pads and slowly reel it back.  I believe the action of the tail is what triggered the fish to bite.”

The Luck-E-Strike Original Ringer is a favorite of many professional anglers.  It is made of a flexible soft plastic and filled with salt so fish bite and won’t let go.  The Ringer features rings from its nose to its tail that release bubbles as it falls through the water.  The action created by the rings and the bubbles catch the eye of nearby bass.  The worm also features a large ribbon tail that creates water movement and a unique action that draws in strikes.

Along with the Original Ringer, Lane also threw one of three new Luck-E-Strike Fast Lane prototype soft plastic stickbaits he is helping develop.  Lane said of the new baits, “I’m excited about the three new baits I’m helping Luck-E-Strike develop.  They are designed for the way I like to fish and to catch big bass.”  Lane is also working on several new Fast Lane worms and creature baits that will be available in July.

Luck-E-Strike General Manager Ray Chase says, “We are happy to have Chris on the Luck-E-Strike team.  He is a great competitor, angler and product designer.  Chris has now won two of the last three Bassmaster Elite events.  We are thrilled that Chris trusts Luck-E-Strike baits to put him in the winner’s circle.”

The next tournament on the agenda for Lane is the April 3rd-6th Elite Event on Table Rock Lake near Branson, Missouri.  Even though he has only fished Table Rock Lake one time in his career, he is looking forward to using his Luck-E-Strike arsenal.  Lane says, “Hopefully the weather warms up for the Table Rock event.  If it does, the fish will start to move up and I will be able to use a Luck-E-Strike jerkbait or square bill to catch some large pre-spawn females and make a good finish.”

Luck-E-Strike has a wide range of fishing lures and baits.  Visit their website, and view the product catalog to see all of their baits.  Also, be sure to “like” their Facebook page for special offers and contests at

Image courtesy Luck-E-Strike

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