BOSS HOG, premiering on Discovery Friday April 11 at 10PM ET/PT, follows Brian “Pigman” Quaca and his crew as they take on Texas’ wild hog problem, building his own “pig empire.”  In recent years, wild hogs have ravaged Texas, causing an estimated 1.5 billion dollars in agricultural damage annually. Where most see this as a nuisance, Pigman sees it as an opportunity, making money off every aspect of the pig – from booking clients on high-end hog hunts and customizing hog hunting bows, to stuffing and mounting trophy boars.

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Pigman’s partnership with local small business owner and longtime family friend Quita of Wright’s BBQ provides plenty of laughs. Wright’s BBQ has been serving up delicious meals to Texas for more than 50 years, but that long-term success doesn’t stop Pigman from believing he can help take the business to the next level. Whether she’s trying to curb Pigman’s latest marketing idea or just keep tabs on his wacky dad, Dap, Quita’s partnership with Pigman has become a lot more than she bargained for.

Although Pigman’s hands are full building a successful business, it seems like most days are spent managing his hair-brained staff. No one tests Pigman’s patience more than his dad, Dap, who runs the Pigtime hunting ranch. With Dap, if it’s not one thing it’s another, but somehow he always gets the job done – he just has a unique way of solving problems.

Above everything else, Pigman has one main goal in life: to provide for his thirteen year old son, J.D.  Pigman’s every ambition stems from the idea that he’ll one day pass on his pig business and pig legacy to his son; that is if he can keep him away from Dap’s mind-warping influence. Right now, Pigman’s doing everything in his power to build on that legacy and take his pig empire to the masses.

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